Accidents in Public Places

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Accidents in Public Places

Doyle & Company LLP (incorporating Rory Quigley & Co) has a wealth of experience in dealing with cases where a client was injured in a public place. If the accident was not the fault of the individual, they may be entitled to seek legal redress.

Common Public Place Accidents

Common accidents that happen in a public place can include slipping and/or tripping over an object that is broken or has not been maintained properly, for example where an individual tripped or fell due to a broken step, pothole or kerb. An accident like this can lead to serious injury, ongoing discomfort and in some cases it could lead to disability.

Individuals or management bodies that allow public access to a property owe the general public a duty of care by maintaining the property to reasonable standards. If they’ve failed in this duty of care, an injured individual may be entitled seek legal redress.

If you have been injured in a public place you should:

  • Take some photographs of the cause of your injury.
  • Take details of any person who may have witnessed your accident.
  • The accident should be reported to the property’s owner or the property’s management team.
  • If you have been injured you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you do proceed with a personal injury* case arising out of an accident in a public place whether the matter be assessed by the Injuries Board, settled with an Insurance Company or runs to a full hearing in Court the following will be the way that your claim is assessed:

General Damages: This relates to damages that may be awarded for your injury for pain and suffering and/or physical and emotional injuries following an accident. Both your pain and suffering to date and any pain and suffering into the future will be considered when assessing your personal injury* claim.

Special Damages: This is the term used for any out of pocket expenses that you have incurred as a result of your accident. This would usually include the following – any loss of earnings arising, medical bills, medication expenses, physiotherapy.

Statute of Limitations: It is critical to note that you only have two years from the date of your accident to take a personal injury* claim and it is therefore important to notify your accident as soon as reasonably practical.