Uninsured Motor Accidents

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Uninsured Motor Accidents

Being involved in a road traffic accident can cause serious distress and disruption to a person’s lifestyle, this distress can be heightened if the accident involved an uninsured or an untraced driver. Doyle & Company LLP (incorporating Rory Quigley & Co) have the legal expertise to properly advise you in this situation and how to go about seeking legal redress for your injuries, loss or damage even if the driver at fault was uninsured or has proven to be untraceable. Instead of pursuing a legal action against an insurance company, Doyle & Company LLP (incorporating Rory Quigley & Co) will advise you in relation to notifying your personal injury* case to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) and ensure all conditions and procedures which the Motor Insurers’ Bureau require to be followed are correctly followed. The Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland was set up to compensate victims of traffic accidents involving uninsured and or untraced drivers.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident where you believe the other party driver may be uninsured following a few simple guidelines, can really help the legal process further down the line.

– If possible, get the contact information from the uninsured driver. Although be aware, it is likely the uninsured driver will be reluctant to give up this information. If possible ensure to make note of the registration number on the vehicle.

– Always telephone the Gardai if you believe that the other party driver is uninsured, if there are no Gardai available to attend at the scene it is very important you attend at the most local Garda station to report any details you have about the accident and make sure to take note of the Gardai’s details who takes note of the information from you.

Doyle & Company LLP (incorporating Rory Quigley & Co) will establish and if appropriate notify the matter to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland on your behalf if appropriate.

If your case does require the involvement of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland whether your case is assessed by the Injuries Board, settled with an Insurance Company or runs to a full hearing in Court the following will be considered.